Monday, May 14, 2007

Yeah! We are a TEAM!

Hello everybody! Yeah! We are a TEAM! THANK YOU!!!

Last weekend I started a list at the sidebar writing your names, cities and countries. But it will be better, if each of us adds herself in the map above. Please mention the category you are joining:

- Ambassador: You are the first one from your city joining KFH. In the future, you may organize a KFH local group. Countries where is Fall/Winter now: Let´s start knitting and giving away. Countries where is Spring/Summer: You may start organizing a 2007 Christmas Scarves Marathon. Ambassadors are also contributors in the blog, they are able to post telling their experiences, plans, etc. Please e-mail to get the invitation.

- Member: You live in a city where there´s an ambassador already and you want to join her You may get a certain neighborhood or aerea to give away.

- Volunteer: For those of you who prefer to knit just one item and see what happens when you give it away; or you prefer to knit and give the scarves to an ambassador/member to give them away; or you don´t know how to knit, but will colaborate in the giving away or with chocolates, etc.

Special thanks to PJ, for your co-administration, and to Petra, who is thinking about buttons and design!

Let´s get started!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Knitting for Homeless

It all began here and here ...

I´ve read every comment you wrote...
Then I had this idea:

Why don´t we do this together?

Think about it:

If 19 of you join me by knitting/crocheting

5 scarves for homeless each,

we´ll complete 100 scarves!

If you don´t have time to knit 5, do 1...

If you don´t have time to knit scarves, you can do very simple mittens or hats…

Or what about a small simple afghan, or socks, or a pillow cover…

We´ll be looking for homeless in the city where each of us lives...

If you live in the country or in a club without homeless,

I´m sure you have a friend in the city who will be willing to help

and look for a homeless in the park, train/bus station, church, etc

We´ll keep the way of giving "secret".

Very still we´ll leave the knitting beside

the head of each homeless while they sleep...

Small details would be nice,

like a chocolate inside a scarf, or a soap, toothbrush and paste, or...

About colors:

Let´s use happy colors to cheer them up!

Enough grey/brown for them, don´t you think? Let´s bright someone´s day!

Look in your stash, maybe there´s some yarn waiting there for someone...

Using thick needles/hooks this goes very fast.

There´s no need for cables or laces here, just plain simple knitting.

Some people may tell us that homeless take drugs, or that they "would be working, if they looked for a job", or that they are "illegals in the country", or that they get enough security money from the government… I wish no comments like that. We are people helping people. No prejudices. No jugdements. It´s not our business why they got to that situation. Who knows where we would be, if our circumstances changed drastically...

Mail to

knittingforhomeless AT gmail DOT com

I´ll start our "Knitting for Homelesses" members list as soon as I get your mail.

Don´t forget to tell the city where you live.

Be the first to join from your city and get the “ambassador” category.

If more people from your city join us later (hope so!),

you´ll be organizing that group and maybe you´ll be giving away together.

Let´s try to join knitting groups!

Let´s get started!

Next Monday I´ll publish here the TEAM we´ll be having so far!