Monday, May 14, 2007

Yeah! We are a TEAM!

Hello everybody! Yeah! We are a TEAM! THANK YOU!!!

Last weekend I started a list at the sidebar writing your names, cities and countries. But it will be better, if each of us adds herself in the map above. Please mention the category you are joining:

- Ambassador: You are the first one from your city joining KFH. In the future, you may organize a KFH local group. Countries where is Fall/Winter now: Let´s start knitting and giving away. Countries where is Spring/Summer: You may start organizing a 2007 Christmas Scarves Marathon. Ambassadors are also contributors in the blog, they are able to post telling their experiences, plans, etc. Please e-mail to get the invitation.

- Member: You live in a city where there´s an ambassador already and you want to join her You may get a certain neighborhood or aerea to give away.

- Volunteer: For those of you who prefer to knit just one item and see what happens when you give it away; or you prefer to knit and give the scarves to an ambassador/member to give them away; or you don´t know how to knit, but will colaborate in the giving away or with chocolates, etc.

Special thanks to PJ, for your co-administration, and to Petra, who is thinking about buttons and design!

Let´s get started!


BellaKarma said...

Hi Vik,

I'll be brainstorming on some ideas in a couple of weeks for my area. In Southern California, the homeless tend to congregate in unsafe areas; therefore, the Orange County team will need to be diligent on how they present their scarves. I'm hoping to network with local homeless advocates who are already familiar with the homeless population,and may be willing to volunteer to pass out the scarves themselves or escort KFH volunteers.

Knitted_Painting said...

let's get started indeed! =D

alejandra said...

Hola Vik!!!
Anotáme como member, ya estoy tejiendo redes para que la gente que conozco colabore, así te puedo alcanzar varias bufandas. Un beso, Ale.

Pink said...

Hi Vik

This is such a great idea and I'd love to be involved, especially once I get settled in and unpacked.

Justine said...

Not only we are a team but a great team! It's just so great beeing part of it! :-D