Friday, June 1, 2007

Hawaii - Argentina - California

I want to share with you a very nice story.
Checking the mail I found this...

I found your website while looking for a group to send scarves that my mother and her friends have been knitting. We live in Hawaii, as you can imagine the need for neck scarves is limited. My Mom who is 88 lives in a retirement community and enjoys knitting. I suggested that she knit scarves since they are simple and she can use her leftover yarn. Well, she got about 12 other ladies interested and they formed an informal group which meets once a week to knit.

The yarn they are using is mainly synthetic and I think the scarves vary in length as well as width. They have about 18 completed scarves. We have a homeless shelter here, but I think the scarves would better serve people in colder climates.

Could you please assist us in finding someone we could send these scarves to. The ladies would appreciate a little feedback from your program and whoever becomes their ambassador or contact person. My mother enjoys the social and personal satisfaction this project has brought her, she was recently widowed and has had to make many adjustments. Knitting has been her answer to meeting new people and making new friends.

Thank you for your assistance"

I wrote back...

Nice to meet you! Thank you for your friendly mail. What your mom and the other ladies are doing is great! Thank you for your interest in Knitting for Homeless (KFH).

As you could read in the blog, it all began during this Winter in Argentina. People in the South Hemisphere -like Argentina, Australia, India, etc- where is Winter now- are knitting and giving the scarves away these days. People from the North Hemisphere -US, Can, Europe- start knitting but will keep all the scarves for a huge 2007 KFH Christmas Scarves Marathon.

I wouldn´t tell you to send the scarves of your mom´s group to Argentina, because I don´t know how much the shipping would cost. Maybe is a better idea that they keep the scarves and continue knitting, and in December they could ship them to an KFH ambassador in California, where many homeless live. I guess shipping between Hawaii and US is much more cheaper than to Argentina. On the other hand, of course I could give your scarves away to argentine homeless. It´s so sad. Every day I find more homeless in the streets downtown.

Keep in touch! Let me know what the ladies prefer to do! And please send HUGS to every one!"

"Hi Vik,

Thank you for the information. My mom thinks that sending the scarves to California this winter is the best idea. I think she feels she can relate to the area, having visited California many times. I also think that it will be a nice Christmas activity for the ladies.

Do I just go to your website and contact the ambassador there in November for the shipping address, etc?

Thank you for all the help you are giving to the homeless of the world!!! We need more people like you! Aloha!"

I think about this wonderful ladies in Hawaii and their generosity...
How beautiful are they!
I hope other groups join us too...