Monday, July 30, 2007

From BsAs to NYC with love

I am really excited to be an ambassador for New York City and happily announce the matching gorro y bufanda (hat and scarf) that I just finished knitting here in Buenos Aires with Argentine yarn! This set will be donated to a homeless shelter in New York City. I have been excited by the opportunity to design some apparel for the upcoming winter in New York (which is bitter!). I am always thankful for my generous friends and family who are so kind to me, it is exciting to pass the love along to others who are in difficult circumstances. ~BlancaAsiatic

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Poem by B.G. Wetherby

A homeless man or woman,
Another child of God.
You'll turn your back. and then walk away,
Because you find them odd.

No fireplace or warm, dry bed,
No family to call their own.
In the cold is where they sleep,
That's where they call home.

Exposed to natures elements,
On a frozen bench they lie.
While you sleep in your warm house,
Fed, secure, and dry.

That could have been you instead,
You are but one bad break away.
Then everyone can treat you
Exactly the same way.

Buy them a warm and hardy meal,
And stop being critical.
Give them shoes with out holes,
You can be the miracle!