Friday, October 26, 2007

Scarf and a half!

One down, one on the needles... both of very nice Argentine wool. The finished one is very thick and warm - but possibly a bit on the rough side so I'll try to give it to a man with a beard.

Monday, October 22, 2007

A Scarf Complete!

As many of you know, I have a new job that I'm thrilled with and have had a very busy summer and fall season. I know this is waaaaay past due, but I've completed this scarf and I'm pondering how I'm going to give it. I've shared in the past that where I live we do not see homeless people and where there are some I believe is about 10 miles into the city. I know Vik didn't like the idea of giving to 'groups' etc. but I have found mission that directly gives to homeless and does NOT have any federal support...only from private citizens. I found this out through a place I bought some new furniture and they gave me a number to give my old furniture. I didn't want to give it to 'Goodwill' or 'Salvation Army' (though those ARE very helpful companies sustaining jobs for many people) but I just didn't want my old furniture to sit somewhere with a PRICE on it...I wanted it directly GIVEN for free. A guy from the mission came and picked it up and told me all about it. Anyway, it's cold now and we just received our first snow of the season, so I better get some more projects done. (on top of the ones I have going on right now!) Tootles!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beating the Big Chill Coming to NYC

I am giving a little blog shout-out for those who are possibly just getting started on their knitting for the homeless donations. Here in New York City I have a small core group of women (and men too!) who are interested in making afghans --individuals making squares and then sewing the squares together, hats, gloves and other items. I have also suggested (by way of discovery) that individuals donate old sweaters or old knitted garments that I can felt and turn into afghans, hats, sweaters (embellish old sweaters...which is something I have done recently with a great deal of success!). I turned a men's plain Banana Republic sweater (cost at a recycle shop: $12) into a beautiful women's sweater with simple red yarn which I embroidered onto the sweater. Imagine what we can do!

I know that when I worked as a drama therapist many of my clients had been homeless at one or many points of their lives. Many of their dramatic works would focus on this fear of either becoming homeless again or their experiences with homelessness. I enclose the following photos as inspiration for our mission in Knitting for the Homeless. May we see fewer faces of anguish and despair. May our season of giving, sharing and knitting be long and fruitful.