Monday, October 22, 2007

A Scarf Complete!

As many of you know, I have a new job that I'm thrilled with and have had a very busy summer and fall season. I know this is waaaaay past due, but I've completed this scarf and I'm pondering how I'm going to give it. I've shared in the past that where I live we do not see homeless people and where there are some I believe is about 10 miles into the city. I know Vik didn't like the idea of giving to 'groups' etc. but I have found mission that directly gives to homeless and does NOT have any federal support...only from private citizens. I found this out through a place I bought some new furniture and they gave me a number to give my old furniture. I didn't want to give it to 'Goodwill' or 'Salvation Army' (though those ARE very helpful companies sustaining jobs for many people) but I just didn't want my old furniture to sit somewhere with a PRICE on it...I wanted it directly GIVEN for free. A guy from the mission came and picked it up and told me all about it. Anyway, it's cold now and we just received our first snow of the season, so I better get some more projects done. (on top of the ones I have going on right now!) Tootles!


Andi said...

Very pretty! WTG!

Vik said...

Hi dear Paula, I´m sure you´ll find someone that needs your scarf.